Before You Hire a Contractor

Before You Hire a Contractor

Before You Hire a Contractor Get Estimates Once you’ve narrowed your options, get written estimates from several firms. Don’t automatically choose the lowest bidder. Before you hire a contractor, ask for an explanation to see if there’s a reason for the difference in price. Ask Questions How many projects like mine have you completed in […]

After You Hire a Contractor

After you hire a contractor

After You Hire a Contractor Keep Records Keep all paperwork related to your project in one place. This includes: copies of the contract change orders any correspondence with your home improvement professionals a record of all payments. You may need receipts for tax purposes. Keep a log or journal of all phone calls, conversations, and […]

Finding a Local Contractor

local contractor

Finding a Local Contractor Do Your Research Check with friends, neighbors, or co-workers who’ve used a  local contractor If you can, take a look at the work done and ask about their experience. Look at sites you trust that post ratings and reviews Do people seem to have similar experiences with a local contractor, good […]