Home Remodeling 101

You have decided you are ready for a fix up, patch up, redo, rehab or remodel. Covid has given you months to view some shabby areas of your domicile and as you emerge into daylight for the first time in months, growling like a bear emerging from your den your first or perhaps second though is, Time for a Change! Very good, lets talk remodel. The purpose of the following is to walk you through a brief flyover of the typical areas and methods in your quest to make that bears den a bit more habitable. We will touch on the high points only, in later blogs more detail to each area will be covered. The most important area to remodel is frankly whatever you decide will bring the most enjoyment to you and yours and the most value to your home investment. Having said this the most remodeled rooms are the kitchen, the second is the master bathroom followed by the remaining bathrooms. There are numerous pictorial websites to for inspiration and magazines as well (If you can locate a bookstore) but we believe the best site is HOUZZ.com, on this site simply word search whatever area of your home you wish to pursue then create an idea book, you can add captions to the pictures you choose such as “Love the bathtub”, you can then email this idea book to material suppliers, designers, contractors and architects. As you zero in on the area of first interest its often the case there will be an offending wall that must be removed to better achieve your goals, this will deliver that often sought after “Open concept”. In most cases this wall will be a load bearing or structural wall, a general contractor or architect can determine if this is so and if it is you will need structural engineering to give specifications to support this area. If your project includes adding square footage or removing a bedroom both an architect and structural engineer will be needed to prepare plans. We strongly suggest you do not attempt to create your own plans, yes there are programs you can buy but the fact they exist doesn’t mean it’s a good idea any more than the availability of self-hair cutting devices means you can become a good barber, NO, “Flow-bees!” A qualified architect will have far better ideas of how to create your dream home than you can and is well worth his or her costs for their expertise. This is your home its not a DYI project no matter how easy the TV shows make it appear! If you are in an area of many home remodel projects such as Orange County California you will have a great referral opportunity right in your own backyard, you will likely find a wealth of helpful information of experts from your own neighbors. Completed plans will also be needed to present to your city for approval and Homeowners association if your neighborhood has one. Finally, the last and least fun area of planning is your budget, most contractors do not provide home loans since the best source of funding is the very home you are improving. Interest rates are at the lowest in years and the equity in your home will likely be the most economical source for funding your improvement. This is a brief review of what we believe are the best pursuits as you re-envision your family’s home. In further blogs we will go into more detail in each of these areas.

Good Luck and Good remodeling!

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