Open Concept

This is a well-traveled subject but in case its new to you or you could use a bit of
guidance, let’s take a look. For many older homes, the entrance likely brings you into a
formal living room with a dividing wall between the kitchen and living room. There is
plenty of space available, just not the space we would like to see for family and guests to
best enjoy. In prior times the so-called formal living room was useful but much like an
old-fashioned parlor all it does today is take up room that would be better used elsewhere.
Gone are the days when this room might have been for guys “come a courtin” or the
preachers visitation. The kitchen was once a small space where the little woman would
slave in secret to present the family meal. As crazy and antiquated as this all sounds the
design in many homes still seems to have this in mind. Formal living rooms, hidden,
cramped kitchens and barrier walls are not elements that create the atmosphere anyone
wants. Modern kitchens are communal experiences where many participate in the
culinary experience whether it is the actual preparation, the fun of first taste or the natural
laughter of family and friends. The previously wasted space of the formal living room
can be incorporated into the enlarged kitchen and expanded family room areas.

Old school concept kitchen

Open concept kitchen

Having said this the next question generally wonders if the walls
removed will require special support and again almost always the answer is less
enthusiastically (due to cost) yes. If the home has a second story the work is a bit more
complex but ether way it can be done with proper engineering since we want the roof or
second story to remain in their respective places. Whether you are a Martha Stewart
(minus jail time) or a simple cook this grand enlarged open kitchen will be a real asset to
your home’s value and family enjoyment. Since they are so important and expensive you
should match kitchen appliances to the value of your home, Wolf, Viking, and
Thermador are among the best but will make a considerable dent in your budget,
KitchenAid is also genuinely nice in appearance and quality and more affordable. As you
plan this remodel be aware that while its perhaps the most appealing of all remodels, it
also comes with the biggest budget. Kitchen cabinets are a critical choice and will vary in
cost as much as appliances. In order to save money please rule out all particle board
cabinets since due to heavy use this material will not hold up, consider hard wood only
with soft close drawers. You can achieve a beautiful look and save some money with
prefabricated cabinets over custom if your needs and the kitchen layout allow. To
enhance the open look, we like to see the flooring material uninterrupted through your
new areas however make sure the material you choose will accept unavoidable drips and
spills. A large center island will no doubt be part of your new kitchen but remember most
quartz or granite slabs are no more than 10 feet long by 5 feet wide. You will need an
architect and engineer to design your open area and kitchen. Due to its importance and
numerous details you may want a kitchen designer as well. We suggest you do not use
the design service of a cabinet retailer since they are inclined to design around what they
sell which may not work for your ideal kitchen. That’s a brief look at
“Open Concepts”. Good luck and Good remodeling!

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