Who Do You Call?!?

Who Do You Call?!? (not Ghost Busters)
The pandemic has lifted, you’ve emerged from your bomb shelters to
realize your home stinks (not literally we hope!). This brave new world
must begin with a makeover beginning with your home. Interior
decorator, architect, materials warehouse, cabinet warehouse, general
contractor, wh, whe, WHERE TO BEGIN?!?!

All excellent questions and depending
on your plans any of these experts could be the right way to begin but if
you become overwhelmed it may push you right back into your
spaghetti-stained PJs. First decide the area you want to see the most
improvement, is it your kitchen, master bedroom, perhaps add some
square footage, or even an entire home makeover? There might be a
difference of opinion especially if you are married but without an idea of
direction, we believe it is unwise to approach any of the above. Let your
fingers do the walking at first (it’s easier and might save a relationship).
Start an idea book, look through pictorial websites. In a previous blog
we mentioned HOUZZ.com. This site is devoted to the best pics of any
portion of your home from bathrooms to exterior landscapes and pool
areas, then save your favorite pics. Add captions, print out and make an
old school scrape book. Do the same with pics of materials, color
schemes, appliances etc. This book will assist in not only focusing what
you wish to do but will prove invaluable to the various experts who will
assist with your project.

We believe the following to be the best order once your ideas have
clarity; If square footage will be added begin with an architect, he or she
will be conversant with city codes and structures and will also be and
expert at re-imagining your home. Once the architecture is complete you
should then step to a general contractor who can doubtless guide to an
interior decorator if you decide you need help with choices. Each of
these experts may also have some referrals who can provide for next
steps. For remodels that do not entail adding square footage you may
wish to skip straight to a general contractor or even an interior decorator.
we do however recommend you choose one who will offer advice at a
flat charge over hourly and does not mark up your materials, this will
help you control costs. Having completed these areas it is then time to
decide on your materials, the experts you have on board and that
precious idea book will guide these next decisions. Note that we did not
suggest your visit with any material suppliers until you reach this stage,
while helpful suppliers will undoubtedly guide you to what they wish to
sell, not necessarily what’s best for your concept. Covid has reshuffled
the entire manufacturing industry, therefore its important materials be
ordered prior to the beginning of your remodel, to make sure your
project is not delayed due to long ordering times. Be brave, lose some
weight (not your spouse) and …. Good Luck and Good remodeling!

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